Turquoise Myths The Cultural Importance of a Magical Stone

Turquoise Myths

The Cultural Importance of a Magical Stone

Life was hard for the Ancient Egyptians. They lived in a harsh desert landscape where battles were frequent, life was short and the brutal heat was overwhelming. With famine, war and sickness a constant threat, Egyptians looked to the spiritual world for protection, fertility and health. Some of the earliest known turquoise myths were developed by the Ancient Egyptians, who adorned their highest leaders – including King Tut – in the beautiful blue stone. In fact, archeologists discovered intricate inlays of the stone on the king’s burial mask. They believed the stone was sacred and every bit as valuable as gold. Wearing turquoise would ward off sickness and placing a stone in the handle of a sword was believed to increase a warrior’s performance.

Turquoise Myths Around the World

Turquoise MythsThe Egyptians are merely one culture to place such immense mystical and spiritual importance in this stone. Turquoise symbolism was implemented in every part of the world, when ancient cultures discovered the vibrant stone.

For instance, there are scores of legends surrounding Native American cultures and the turquoise meaning in those societies. Many tribes considered turquoise to be a stone of the sky, and wearing items of turquoise jewelry provided protection, good health and long life.

Other tribes viewed it as the stone of water and believed it was formed when the creator shed tears onto the earth. The beauty of the stone would lead to the creation of American Indian turquoise jewelry, which is still cherished by millions of people.

Today, turquoise myths continue to stand the test of time. Collectors seek out the stone from all over the world in hopes of channeling the perceived mystical powers and strong spiritual energy. It remains one of the most historically important gemstones on the planet.

It remains one of the most sought-after stones for healing. Indeed, turquoise symbolism has stood the test of time and will continue to captivate civilizations for years to come.

Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Throughout it’s long history and even today, people have believed turquoise to harbor mystical powers. Turquoise metaphysical properties include the power to help clear the mind for meditation as well as the ability open one’s mind to the wonders of the universe.

Aside from the many spiritual aspects, the metaphysical properties of turquoise also promote healing. According to some sources, 15th century physicians used to prescribe turquoise to sick patients. Others believed turquoise could absorb disease by drawing it from the body into the stone.